GILD 100

GILD100, compiled by GILD Corporate Finance, ranks the 100 most valuable Estonian companies by their estimated market capitalisation at the beginning of a calendar year.
The list includes both privately held and public companies registered in Estonia. Each year the financials of more than 1500 largest companies are studied for possible inclusion in the final list. The valuation is based on public information and comparative analysis, including several adjustments. Actual market values have been used for listed companies.
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GILD100 2013 EST
GILD100 2012 EST
GILD100 2011 ENG
GILD100 2011 EST
GILD100 2010 ENG
GILD100 2009 ENG
GILD100 2008 ENG
GILD100 2007 ENG



GILD100 2012 Lithuania LT
GILD100 2012 Lithuania ENG
GILD100 2011 Lithuania ENG